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I am self-taught English as well, but not so fast, as I wish. To push myself in the right direction I decided to find time in my study-day(s) and try to write short "stories" based on questions from my topic in our Ravelry group. Here they are:

  • where/how do you find all your ideas for a new pattern/creating new sts?
  • how did you have the idea of becoming a crochet designer?
  • how/when /where did you learn to crochet?
(thank you, Christine!)
  • I think it might be interesting to hear about how living on a boat has influenced either your designing or the materials you choose to use or maybe funny stories related to both using fiber and being on the water (with cats!). 
  • Or, since you’ve lived in different places, maybe how these crafts are “though of” in the places you’ve been. For example I think you mentioned that you don’t know of an actual yarn shop in Montenegro, but surely there are local knitters and crocheters, so where do they get their supplies? Frankly, I have no idea, but some of my thoughts about it. 
(thank you, Amy!)
  • How did you learn to knit/crochet?
  • What are your favorite stitches?
  • What new stitches are you trying to learn or want to learn?
  • Are there certain types of items you like making over others (for example: wearable items vs. usable vs. blankets)?
(thank you, Elizabeth!)

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